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Today under our full moon energy, I release my fear of putting myself out to you lovely people to share about my much-loved small business Witch Crystal. I am based in Aberdeen and my aim is to help you find some sparkle to add to your mind, body & soul. I am a recently certified crystal healer practitioner having completed my level 3 diploma. I believe in excellent service and serving you with truth, passion, care and only the best quality crystals. If you’re looking for some positive support, in your everyday life I am your girl. I strive to help you feel only but good, offering you the attention and support you deserve.

​Okay a bit about me, I will try keep this short, I love talking! Anyway, here goes, I guess I have always been spiritual, and have always believed there is more for me to do while here on earth, so I have spent some much-needed time to explore my spiritual path. I truly believe I am here to help others; I love helping and achieving a positive in others life, especially with energy and emotion.

​Having always been drawn to crystals my soul had naturally guided me to exploring this path more. I soon found out the huge positive impact they have had in my life, they have helped me find my calm and helped with stress and anxiety. They have helped me achieve goals, find my confidence, my self-belief and to trust my own intuition. They also allowed me to help my friends and family and seeing positive changes to their life, for me that was a butterfly in the tummy moment, feeling my heart jump because it filled with happiness. From then on I knew I wanted to reach out to help others in this way.

For more information on crystal healing therapy please reach out as I would love to help you too.

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