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Weegie Wellbeing

Like many personal growth journeys, I was forced to re-evaluate my lifestyle after encountering massive crashes from chronic illness. This happened at pivotal times in my 20s and 30s.

My journey entailed a huge amount of 'unlearning' of the beliefs and habits from our culture and our unique family and generational imprints. I delved in to this when I went back to education, studying Complementary Therapies . This helped me to cope with my health, heal and stimulate the healing process in others. Reflexology in particular was where I found the most passion and benefits.

I have a passion for revealing many contributory factors to disease and imbalance. These we create directly or indirectly. They combine to manifest the version of ourselves that we deal with in this present day, our present condition.
To see the layers involved, having the power to change ourselves. It's revealing how everything interconnects and how subtle everyday factors can play a domino effect on many bodily systems. Gaining this can be the fuel needed for positive, sustainable change.

I bring this approach with me and I do this by offering Reflexology and other holistic therapies, radio podcasts and a small social enterprise which sells Glaswegian themed self care giftboxes. I am also involved in Acting and filmmaking an industry where Wellbeing needs much more focus.

Weegie Wellbeing aims to plant seeds of positivity into the receiver of the gift box, with a wee bit of Glesga cheek. Profits are used to offer free wellbeing workshops to youth groups, parents and community support groups. By raising awareness, stimulating change in both parents and youth, we can find ways to fill the gap. Creating ways to break cycles for a healthier, more content future generation.

insta & fb: @weegiewellbeing

fb: @serenitysisterholistics