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The Pet Stop


For those without a pet it may seem a little strange for a pet store article in Root & Branch magazine, but for those who do, we know the huge benefits to our wellbeing and mental health, helping lessen stress and anxiety, probably heightened during the pandemic with owners isolated with only their pet as company and daily focus. We are obviously their world too by the unconditional love they show us (perhaps some days more than others, as they don’t really realise there is a problem in stealing rogue socks). Some great information on the benefits of pet ownership can be found on The Mental Health Foundation website.

The Pet Stop began approx. 2.5 years ago following my own dog Barney’s allergy diagnosis, leading me to research dog foods, finding I could supply myself and others, with my own, clearly labelled food (derivative free), in recyclable packaging. Farmers markets were my shop window for approx. 2 years, whilst working full-time in the O&G industry. A regular question from market customers was “Do you have a shop”, which led me to think “hmm maybe I need to open a shop”, leading to an uncharacteristic leap of faith, saying bye bye employment and hello The Pet Stop, Ellon.

Fitting the premises with upcycled furniture, recycling wooden pallets and wooden cable drums, has given a greater sense of satisfaction with the look mirroring the owner, quirky and a work in progress. Items stocked in the “Cat’s Corner”, “Dog Dept” and “Other Beasties”, where possible, are loose / in non-plastic packaging and from local suppliers supporting the shop local ethos. I try to offer a service as well as products by delivering to people finding themselves in COVID isolation or unfit to shop for their beloved pets.

Would love to see you - pets very welcome

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