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Hi my name is Liz, Iíve worked professionally as a spiritual medium, tarot & rune reader and healer for the past 4 years. The aim of my work is to help people find their path forward. Truth is at the core of all I do and integrity and confidentiality are of upmost importance as there is no place for judgement in my world. No matter what your circumstances are there is always a solution!

I provide spiritual healing, working with colour, spirit animal guides and singing bowls which can help anxiety, stress and sleep issues and promote a sense of relaxation whilst removing any negative or dense energy that causes emotional or physical pain. I am also currently studying past life regression for healing in order to help clients create a more harmonious life.

I also provide teaching and workshops in mediumship, clairvoyance, divination, manifestation and wicca,
as well as hosting full & new moon fire ceremonies for releasing and attracting, guided meditation groups and, more recently, I organised and hosted the Beltane Spiritual Fair at Kincardine OíNeil. We also have a healing circle group coming up shortly too.

I run workshops and undertake my work in a relaxed and where appropriate, fun manner and where energy can flow freely too. At my workshops there is always something to take home. To date weíve created manifesting wish baubles, herbal bath soaks, intention setting, flower planting and spell kits.

As an eternal old soul, Iím also a follower of paganism and the old ways, enlightening and teaching the ways of wicca and hosting gatherings on the Wiccan Festivals. We have another fair coming up on Sunday 31st July for Lammas.

All and everyone are welcome in my space, no matter where you are on your path in life. Human connection and interaction are the most important aspects of living!

I regularly post 'pick a card' posts, monthly zodiac overviews and more on my social media pages.

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