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I am Fiona O’Farrell and I am an accredited Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT (also known as Tapping) practitioner.

Tapping is a powerful yet simple technique which is scientifically proven as a stress and anxiety reduction tool. Research shows that it soothes the nervous system, reducing anxiety by up to 60% and is known to work when nothing else has.


In a session I guide you to tap on acupressure points around the face and upper body whilst ‘tapping’ into your issue by stating it and acknowledging it. You can experience immediate relief from the issue as you bring the body’s nervous system into a state of balance.

The tapping technique sends a calming signal to the stress centre of the brain creating a sense of calmness throughout the body and mind. We work through rounds of tapping to remove the emotional trigger and bring down the intensity of the issue until it is removed completely.


Following a catalogue of traumatic life events I was struggling. I was constantly on edge and overwhelmed with anxiety. In desperation I embarked on a well being course and was introduced to Tapping. The impact was life changing!

Through a program of guided sessions I was released from the weight of my anxieties and fears. The transformation was so profound I trained as a practitioner and now I help others escape their own anxieties to live the life they deserve.


‘In my sessions I was able to let go so easily. I was able to release the negative emotion that was crippling my body and mind’

‘After the tapping session all my worries and cares disappeared. It’s hard to believe the difference it has made to my life’

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Please email me with any questions at: fiona@stepintocalm.com