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Smelly Trees


Smelly Trees is a unisex fragrance made from 100% pure, sustainably harvested conifer tree oils.
The aroma of Fir trees, Spruce and Pine form the heart of Smelly Trees unique formula, evoking the feelings and sensory experience of walking through a crisp fresh woodland, combined with the cleansing and relaxing notes of Cypress, Juniper and Lavender. Founded by Scottish actress and yoga teacher Carina Birrell, each bottle is lovingly handmade in Fife, Scotland. Smelly Trees fragrance mist can be sprayed on the body, around your home or on your pillows at night helping restore our connection to nature whilst smelling incredible.

Trees are critical in preserving oxygen for us to breath and capturing carbon dioxide from our heavily polluted air. Beyond this incredible feat of nature (not to mention potential antidote to Global Warming and Climate Change) the personal health benefits of smelling the scent of trees are endless. Trees release antimicrobial essential oils (phytoncides), which protect them from germs and infestation. For humans these uplifting oils have been shown to boost mood, improve the function of our immune system, lower blood pressure, moderate heart rate, diminish stress and anxiety and can improve our sleep and creativity.

There are no nasty additives or synthetic perfumes and Smelly Trees is 100% committed to green business practices and committed to being as environmentally friendly as possible. Proud to support rewilding charity Scotland The Big Picture, Smelly Trees contributes towards restoration of ancient woodland in Scotland, reforestation and rewilding projects. You can even plant the packaging of the fragrance mist and rewild your own mini patch of wildflowers!

Essential oils from trees also have incredible antibacterial properties. Smelly Trees moisturising hand sanitiser protects and nourishes your skin with the aromas of the forest as well as cinnamon leaf.

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