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Love and Above


Guided Meditation is when a person talks you through a meditation and is similar to a guided daydream. These meditations will incorporate the different senses throughout.

The person talking will set a scene and talk through a little mind journey. Your mind may take these words and show you visualisations. Your other senses may hear birds chirping in a forest or the swooshing of grass in a field. You may feel the warmth of the sun on your skin or a pleasant breeze on your face. You may smell an apple freshly picked off a tree or a smoky scent of a bonfire. You may even be able to taste refreshing water or the tartness of a lemon.

If you have had a stressful long day and your mind is still racing, you may not be able to focus on the words or capture any images in your mind, but, when you come out of the meditation, you will feel a little more relaxed than before you started.

One of the greatest discoveries about guided meditation is being able to allow your mind to skip down a forest trail when the guide is asking you to walk or you may paddle in the water of a beach instead of walking along the sand. The meditation is a guide to give your mind permission to relax in whatever way it would like.

Guided meditation is a wonderful and insightful experience. This evening, search for guided meditations on YouTube and choose one to experience. There are many different topics ranging from relaxation, gratitude, sleep and even colours. If it is your first time, choose a 15-30 minute length.