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Love and Above


Debbie started off her journey as a Reiki Practitioner and quickly moved onto studying Angel Tarot Cards to an advanced level. As time has gone by, she has studied to become an Advanced Reiki Master/Teacher, Crystal Master/Teacher, Phytotherapist, Angel Intuitive Therapist, Journal Therapist, Productivity Master as well as offering many different psychic services.

At the start of 2016, Love & Above was created and began to organise MBS events in the Aberdeenshire area. With the success of 2016, they were pushed into rural Perthshire & Tayside in 2017. In 2018, Debbie continued with these events in Aberdeenshire, Tayside and pushing into Fife and Inverness-shire.

Debbie has also co-authored 7 books from 2018 onwards and six of which became Number 1 Best Sellers on Amazon - "Success is Yours", "Everyday Joy", "A gift of Gratitude", "What We Love", “Independence”, “Pawsome Friends” and “Reluctantly Psychic”.

She has also had a submission accepted for David Hamilton's revised book on "How the Mind can heal the body". The book was relaunched in October 2018.

Debbie also teaches Mindfulness, Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Guided Meditation, Reiki Share and workshops on Life Purpose, Life Reset and Mindfulness with Lego. Debbie is based at Nemetona in Montrose, Love & Above HQ in Forfar as well as online where you can book in for therapies, treatments and readings.

“Keep Rocking Your Awesomeness!”

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