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My yoga path has led to a huge personal development journey. Iím now embarking on what feels like my lifeís mission; supporting others on their journey home to soul.

We wouldnít hesitate to seek medical help if we had a health concern, and we visit hairdressers and beauticians in our quest to feel good. However, to truly live our happiest and most fulfilled life we have to look within. Deep inside lie old wounds, restrictive beliefs and conditioning that can hold us back in life. This is where my work as a coach, mentor and healer comes in.

Iím first to admit that I once thought coaching was something that other people experienced, not someone like me. It was for professionals looking to climb the corporate ladder surely?

We all have limiting beliefs about ourselves and I was no different. Hiring a coach changed everything; it was liberating!

Developing my intuitive skills has been fundamental to my healing journey and I now use this to support others. My coaching method is holistic. Mind, body, soul and spirit-led. My gifts allow for a bespoke experience that goes beyond the traditional coaching methods.

Our bodies are always giving us clues to pay attention. Small niggles right through to bigger health scares can all be messages that something is out of balance in our life. These are all signs for us to go within and explore. Often we make fear-based decisions instead of trusting our inner voice.

Coaching is not a luxury. I believe everyone should have access to this transformational work. It truly is magical!

I currently have a Summer coaching offer for just £75. Iíll hold a safe space for you and thereís no icky sales pitch at the end! If any of this resonates, please email me on the form above or follow me at
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