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Laura Horsburgh Intuitive Soul Coach


An infusion of body, mind and spiritual practices to help move you towards an extraordinary and magical life

As a collective we’re being called to expand our awareness beyond the ordinary. We were all born with the potential to live the most wondrous and rewarding life but for many, this feels so out of reach.

Science confirms that everything carries an energetic vibration. This includes our thoughts, emotions and actions; all of which directly impact our life and that of those around us too.

We are all connected by energy.

Consider these tips to help you raise your frequency:

Choose kind words. Be mindful of your energy exchanges; choose healthy conversation over gossip and practice positive self-talk.

Healthy boundaries. Our time is precious. Delegate or look for ways to reduce your burdens. Make time for rest and play and say No if that’s what your heart tells you.

Live your truth. When we try to fit in with the crowd we disconnect from our true nature. We’ve been conditioned to listen to our head instead of our heart. Embrace your uniqueness and discover a new found happiness. Be honest with yourself and others.

Learn to forgive, accept and move on. All we have is the present moment so holding on to trauma or worry is heaviness that can lead to dis-ease. We all experience hard times but the secret to happiness is acceptance and letting go.

Treat each day as a new start. Practice going with the flow and remember nothing is permanent. Allow your intuition to guide you to the right choices that day without being too attached to any particular outcome.

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