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Jules Healing Gems

Ellon, Aberdeenshire

Jules Healing Gems is now enjoying its 10th year in Ellon. This continued success can be attributed to Jules’ consistent delivery of insightful, experienced advice to all her customers on the personal use of crystals and gems and the exceptional quality of the crystals she has always carried throughout the shop’s growth and expansion.

This expertise, combined with a diverse selection of associated products and services, perfectly complements the openness of her shop. It is a peaceful space that invites people to come in, look around and just relax in the calm atmosphere of the superb, high quality, cherry-picked crystal collection she maintains for sale.

Each piece is chosen not only for its superior appearance but also for its energetic properties. Customers entering the shop immediately feel the effect of these choices.

We carry a huge range of stock that includes over 250 different tumble stones, salt lamps in several sizes, crystal votive holders, Selenite lamps and one-of-a-kind specimens for energy work or display in a diverse range of sizes, fossils and museum-quality pieces. The crystals are complemented by a selection of fair trade goods, tarot & angel oracle cards, incense, essential oils, wind chimes, books and CDs.

With so many high-quality crystals in one place, we often find customers popping in just to enjoy the energetic ambience. We invite you to come and experience all that this very special store has to offer.

Jules also hosts a Facebook Live Shop every Wednesday at 7.30 pm where people can watch a fun and informative show that has a loyal fanbase and it is a great environment for buying all the goodies Jules has for sale from the comfort of your own home.

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