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Have you been feeling anxious lately, out of synch ? Or going through some turbulences?
Unfortunately in 2020, that resonates with some of us as this year has been nothing but uncertain and unpredictable. One of the many aspects of 2020 is that we have not been able to touch and hug our loved ones and friends as we would normally do!
Deprived of touch the Human experience is not the same and may lead to potential damages: physically and emotionally.
Studies have shown that babies needs touch to survive when they are in ICU ( Intensive Care Unit); that skin to skin help them thrive , gain weight and develop normally when the mother and/or father is not available.

In Shiatsu , Touch is the language the practitioner speaks.

Shiatsu is a powerful energetic Japanese body work ( meaning ďfinger pressureĒ) strongly rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM*), that uses mainly hands pressure.
It embraces the philosophy of Yin and Yang, the energy meridians, the five elements and the concept of Qi, energy .
It addresses the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspect of the Human.

We use various forms of pressure on precise points on the body and gentle manipulations and stretches aiming to promote the flow of vital energy ďQiĒ and facilitate healing.
It is extremely relaxing yet energising.

According to TCM ( Traditional Chinese Medicine), blockages in the flow of Qi can contribute to a wide range of illnesses. Shiatsu can help with various condition: frozen shoulder, sciatica, anxiety, fibromyalgya , tension, stress, headaches, just to name a few.

GaŽlle currently works from The Urban Wellness Hub in Bridge of Don on specific dates. She also offers Distant Shiatsu and teach Qi gong online via Zoom.

GaŽlle Conjaud-MrSS

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