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Qigong is a ancient Chinese mind-body-spirit exercise form that uses meditation, breathing, and movement to increase energy and enable the body to heal itself. It has been around for thousands years.

Qi (pronounce Chi ) means energy and gong means work or skill.
It is therefore Energy work/skill .
Qi Gong is performed standing up, although can be done seating.
There are hundreds of systems focusing on different fields. Many are health oriented, while some comes from a martial arts lineage .
Qi Gong helps to relieve stress, promote physical health, improve balance and enhance mental focus .

Qi is the life force that powers you . The Universe is flowing through you at all time , we are it !

There is the Qi you inherited from your parents , its uniqueness is what makes you , You.

And there is Acquired Qi : Qi coming from the food you eat, the air your breath, your sleep pattern, stress level , lifestyle. This Acquired Qi can be built up through practice like Qi gong.
Qi is everywhere and always on the move .
Harmonising the flow of Qi in the body keeps you as Nature intended : healthy and balanced.

In Taoist theory, it is said that the Qi follow the Shen (spirit) and the blood and body fluids then follow the Qi .
Many of the body movements in Qi Gong follow the pathways of the energy meridians that run through our body .
Mental focus is crucial during practicing, replacing all thoughts with one thought, to enter a quiet state.
The breath is circulating through the various meridians, and it is the energy from the Air mixed from the Food Qi that creates the functional energy (Acquired Qi) of our body.
Qi Gong will bring harmony to the flow of Qi . It is much more than stretching exercises .
It enables the body to strengthen and regulate internal organs, the nervous system, reducing stress, bringing relaxation.

Gaelle teaches online Qi gong on a Wednesday at 6pm.

Member registered Shiatsu Society(MrSS)
Qi Gong Instructor

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