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Emanuel and Me by Jac Turner


Jacqueline Turner published her first book with That Guys House in March this year. Emanuel and Me is written as a conversation between Jac, her spirit guide Emanuel and you the reader. Throughout the journey of this book, Jac explores her communication with Emanuel through the practice of channelled writing and shares his teachings with you.

Emanuel’s story illustrates how the soul lives on for multiple lifetimes, going back to his history as a Roman soldier, while his wisdom and the lessons of trust, self-belief and surrender are timeless. Jac also explores her own past life and connection to Emanuel, and she discovers how the soul preserves all of the lessons from the past lives. Ultimately this is a story about the magic of letting go, trusting that spirit has a plan for you now in this lifetime, and how to integrate this into your daily life.

Jacqueline is a spiritual medium and is also an Angel Healing practitioner & Teacher. Since developing her skills through her local spiritualist centre, she has gone onto help hundreds of people with her one-to-one intuitive reading sessions. She also hosts a beginners mediumship class via zoom, with her spiritual sparks development circle.

Emanuel and Me can be purchased from Amazon and is waiting for you, should you feel so called.

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