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Deeside Lavender


Banchory’s lavender fields were in production from 1946 to 1986 and many residents who have settled in the area since then may not be aware of the industry that once made Royal Deeside famous around the globe, one that attracted over 25,000 visitors to Banchory a year at its peak. Having started initially from a back garden the company grew to the point of needing a factory with acres of ground where it employed dozens of people who cultivated thousands of plants and with the oil made and bottled “Dee Lavender”, Hand Creams, Perfumes, Insect Repellents and Ointments which were produced to satisfy a global demand.

By the mid 80’s, however, Lavender had fallen out of favour, the factory was demolished and the site sold to Morrison’s supermarket.
Deeside Lavender started in the same way, from a kitchen garden at our family home on Royal Deeside and, for the past three years, with the products grown we have managed to distil some oil from the lavender and create our own range of handmade, vegan products. We have lots of lovely gift ideas – Hand & Body Soaps, Shampoo Bars, Body Scrubs, Hand & Body Lotion, Linen Spray, Calming Roller Ball, Gardeners Hand Scrub and Lip Balm.

Lavender can help improve sleep, promotes calmness and wellness, reduces stress, anxiety and even mild pain in some instances. It is believed to have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties which can help heal minor burn and bug bites.

As well as attending local Farmers Markets we provide guest soaps and products to well-known outlets including The Fife Arms Hotel in Braemar and Raemoir House in Banchory where there is a large demand for soap themed bespoke Wedding favours for Brides as well as Corporate Gifts.

Thanks to the history of lavender farming in Banchory, and the huge benefits this amazing plant can give us all, this seemed like the ideal time to grow a much loved local business on the back of its current success and we have recently identified an opportunity to do this on a larger scale with the hope of resurrecting the factory and re-creating the visitor experience.

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