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Dreams have been used for thousands of years as a way to connect with the self, and improve health. In Ancient Egypt and Greece, dream temples were built as sacred healing spaces for all. Indians, Tibetans were known to work with the oneiric world in order to reach enlightenment. Shamans, from all part of the world, still are connecting to dreams in order to bring back special diamonds to their patient's consciousness, empower and cure them.

My name is Charlotte, I am a dream therapist and energy healer at Deep into Soul. I started my dream work journey when I was a teenager as a patient, and would like to share this gold mine with you today.

The unconscious mind, according to Freud, is the part of the mind you cannot see, yet such an important one. Our emotions, feelings, experiences, are stored there, waiting for us to explore, release and work with them.

Dream therapy is a way to approach and reveal the unlimited treasures of the unconscious mind. The therapist guides his client to connect with his dream world. Together they bring back awareness in order to heal and, create new narratives affecting positively the conscious mind.

Dreamís work potential:

The unconscious mind unveils the root of our emotions.

This work brings us more clarity about ourselves, but also about the next step we need to take towards our well-being.

Observing and being conscious about dreams can be very meditative, we strengthen our mindfulness practice and awareness.

New healthy patterns can be generated, affecting favourably the conscious mind.

We learn about ourselves in a deeper, more authentic way. There is no way to hide, and a constant reminder that we have to be very gentle with ourselves.

A connection to traumas and fears is created. This is a safe, soft space to explore and free them.

You can also work with recurring nightmares, tame and finally let them go.

You can find some of your power back. You are no longer unresponsive, but take action and make change.

You build healthier, happier, and more creative ways to lead your life.

I created Deep into Soul with this fire, passion for healing and self-development. Combining energy healing, dream therapy and meditation help me create a unique way to support you to grow and, shine brightly. I am so proud today to be able to help women turn their fears, their blockages into empowerment, healing and strength.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to discover more about it or have a chat with me, I would be delighted to connect with you.

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