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Hi, I am Iana - lover of milky coffee, bright colours and telling stories.
My jam is brand photography and my goal is to help supercharge your business with visual storytelling that is quintessentially YOU.

I specialise in creating imagery that TALKS to your community.
Beautiful storytelling brand photography will elevate your business visuals, leave the right first impression and make an unforgettable impact on your dream clients.

The images on your website and social media will likely be the first thing your potential clients see. Make sure they see your craft in the light that it deserves. Whether you are a social media manager, stylist, interior designer or health coach, it has never been more important to be more visible in your business - it is YOU that makes your brand stand out in the crowd, it is YOU your people want to work with.

Does getting your photos taken make you want to hide under a duvet?
As your personal brand photographer, I will help you every step of the way - from the ‘cup-of-coffee-quick’ Zoom chat to help you decide whether you want to go ahead with the booking and check that we vibe on the same levels :), to the planning call, to wardrobe guidance and (crucially) making the shoot itself feel FUN, rather than like the most daunting task ever. I pride myself in hearing those words at the end of the shoot (even from the most reluctant of clients) "that was SO MUCH FUN!"

Imagine having a goldmine of beautiful, on-brand images of you and your business on hand and never having to worry about providing a headshot for that PR piece or sprinkling images of you at work all over your website.
I would love to help you with that!

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