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Calm & Cool Studio


Calm & Cool is a wellness studio based in the heart of Aberdeen that offers Movement, Sound, Breath, Meditation and Energy Group Classes and Private 1-1 Treatments. The wellness studio is designed to give people the time for themselves to connect within, relax and switch off. To connect with others and to step in the studio and instantly feel better than you did outside. At Calm & Cool we are all about slowing down and feeling good about yourself.

Calm & Cool is owned by mother and daughter, Donna and Sarah. We wanted to provide support in ways that considers the whole person from their physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing.
Our main goal is making Yoga, Meditation, Sound Healing, Reiki, and Breathwork more mainstream and accessible for everyone in the city and shire.

Our classes are aimed to work with the flow of our breath moving from our head space into our centred heart space. Once we are centred in our heart space, we are in the present moment, the here and now. No distractions of the past and future can exist. When we can master these practices, we can move through physical and emotional blockages and find our natural rhythm to cope better with day to day lives.

As well as our Eco Wellness store inhouse, we also have a range of Tibetan Mani Bowls imported from the Himalayas to purchase. These are great and personal to have at home for you to use yourself and to connect to that present moment. A great way of self-help to move through our anxieties and fears in life.

Coming out the other end of this pandemic, what better way is there to look after your emotional and physical wellbeing. Calm & Cool is a truly special space created to “connect within” to yourself and for others.

* See our website www.calmcool.co.uk for pricing and class schedule. *

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