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Hi, I'm Bronwyn, a Kiwi girl with a passion for making the most of my one sweet life, properly connecting with others and wrapping this all up by leading mindful movement through Nia and Disco classes and events.

I took my first Nia class in 2017 as a newly single mum to a then 3-year-old. At the time Nia held me together, helping me to work through deep trauma, build confidence, get fit, focus on the now and to create an ongoing relationship with sensation and joy in my body. I started teaching Nia in 2019 after taking the White Belt Intensive Training in Burntisland.

Nia is about the Joy of Movement and tuning into "your bodies' way". Routines are sophistically crafted to take you on a journey with your body, mind, emotions, and spirit. The music is really powerful. As a teacher I'm there to guide you to listen to what your body might be trying to tell you. Iím incredibly passionate about supporting folk to embark on a journey of feeling better in their now body and life.

Disco classes are about having FUN. If youíre worried you wonít fit in or need a few drinks, I will comfortably guide you through that. Remember, taking the step to come is often the hardest part! Disco is a great way to shake off the week and not take life so seriously.

All classes and events are not about 'getting it right, having rhythm, being fit, a particular shape or size or about having the right gearí.

I also own natural skincare business Bodylushious. Life is happening and I'm being called to focus more on the dance side of life. Iím therefore looking to sell Bodylushious. If you would like to have a conversation about being the next owner, please get in touch.

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