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We look to offer a fresh, sustainable way to go about your business:

Alva is a new beginning for your paper!

Instead of sending your paper to landfill sites, you can pop it in the ground or a pot and watch it grow into beautiful flowers of your choice. Attract bees, not rats, with this innovative new paper which is entirely biodegradable and destined for creation, not destruction.
This option is perfect for businesses looking to lower their carbon footprint and undertake a circular business model by reducing waste and encouraging biodiversity. The paper is suited to flyers and brochures, envelopes and stationery, product and clothing tags, invitations or bags.

We offer a range of flower options from wild flower meadow mixes, bavarian grass cuttings to lavender, chamomile and poppy seeds!

Card/paper can be purchased as blank sheets for you to print and create your own designs or alternatively our in house designer Mich and custom design, print and package your seeded paper vision and from there its simply Plant...Water....Grow!

For all queries please reach out to Carol our Sales and Marketing whizz on any of the following channels!

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